With a detailed mould paste a precise print can be made from a fingertip, the hand or foot of a baby or the paw of a pet. Using the mould paste is very easy and something people can do themselves. It only takes a few minutes. The mould paste is safe and skin friendly. A clear instruction is included in the mould set. This explains step by step how to make the mould. Once the mould is cured it can be used endlessly for as many pieces of jewellery as you whish. This makes the mould itself already a precious item.
The prints on the jewellery are full scale, they are not made smaller or bigger. The exact print is displayed on the jewel. It is the print of the paw, finger, hand or foot that can be seen (a positive print) in stead of a print in reflection (a negative print) as you get from a print based on ink. For most jewellery only a part of the mould is used. We always use the best part of a mould which holds the most lines.